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The NTT DATA GxP Data Lake provides a highly scalable and compliant cloud-based data management platform for pharmaceutical companies that wish to gather various types of […]
19 Oct

CMO Cockpit Product sheet

Thanks to SAP Activate & GaMP5, CMO Cockpit gives all players across the supply chain full visibility of the process and its CSV approach is compliant with the legislative framework of the EU. The solution gives fully integrated inventory management and supply planning overviews, while back-end processing steps are automated enabling management to deliver higher customer satisfaction, operational efficiency and profit growth.
24 Ago

Building a unique transformation solution for a global Pharma leader

The NTT DATA Advisory Services Assessment engagement helps clients: Understand their S/4HANA options Clarify the S/4HANA migration, conversion or greenfield approach Define options, and the underlying […]
05 Oct

Internal Cold Chain Product sheet

Pharmaceutical companies are bound to comply with strict temperature regulations. As the globalization of the industry goes, these companies have to ensure that the external cold chain is not compromised. The NTT DATA Internal Cold Chain Accelerator helps life sciences companies to protect the integrate of their temperature-sensitive products within their existing SAP ecosystem.
05 Oct

Life Science Analytics Infographic

NTT DATA Prescription Analytics provides key insights to measure and track KPIs that can affect and improve business outcomes, so helping life sciences companies transform market planning at low risk and minimal disruption.
05 Oct

Life Science Analytics Video

NTT DATA’s Prescription Analytics access and exploys data with analytics dashboards that features the most relevant KPIs to improve business outcomes.
05 Oct

Life Science Analytics Product Sheet

NTT DATA’s Prescription Analytics solution provides accurate views of the market, customized to the needs of individual companies and different roles. With in-time insights, driven by accurate, real-world data, improving decision quality and business outcomes.
05 Oct

Industry Life Science Infographic

There are a number of trends that are of long-term strategic significance for almost every player in life sciences manufacturing.
05 Oct

Life Science One Pager

In an increasingly data-driven industry, life sciences companies need to make better use of digital technologies to boost operational efficiency, accelerate drug development and drive innovation. NTT DATA helps companies achieve these goals through the digital transformation of operations, products and markets, developing and delivering solutions using SAP software platforms and other advanced technologies.
05 Oct

Life Science Presentation

NTT DATA deliver solutions in a globalized pharmaceutical industry, with a wide experience in SAP implementation in Life Sciences, and being able to combine core ERP with AI, analytics, IoT, packaged solutions, Blockchain and other requirements.