16 Oct

Cost to serve

NTT DATA’s Cost to Serve solution helps businesses accurately capture and allocate costs across the value chain to improve financial performance. It enables data-driven decisions through […]
05 Oct

Customer Segmenttor

As CPG market is becoming more complex and competitive, NTT DATA has created, together with SAP BTP, Customer SegmeNTTor, an analytics-based customer segmentation that enables CPG companies to have a better understanding of customers’ needs and preferences, extends SAP capabilities and unlocks greater value from SAP investments.
05 Oct

CPG Infographic

Nowadays, the collection of data from consumers is crucial for the growth of CPG companies. The use of analytics together with new AI systems provide a correct functioning of all the areas of a company with the objective of reaching operative efficiency.
05 Oct

CPG Video

The new disruptive era that the CPG sector is facing is making CPG companies to change the way they must act to overpass their challenges. NTT DATA offers new technologies that helps these companies to adapt to this new environment.
05 Oct

CPG White paper

Major changes are redefining the current CPG market. NTT DATA offers the steps to leadership: Commercial Excellence, Agile Supply Chain, Smart Factory, Agile Finance, Data Driven company together with the needed technology to face the changing environment and new models of production and distribution in order to achieve the best possible outcome and thus increase customer satisfaction.