30 Nov
EWM - ATTP Integration

EWM – ATTP Integration

ATTP-EWM integration accelerator simplifies and shortens the time required to implement complex integrated serialization into warehouses processes used by life sciences manufacturers or wholesalers and in other industries. Some markets have gone further and demand a fully traceable supply chain at the level of saleable item, which requires the ability to scan logistical units in the warehouse operations of all supply chain participants. The principal reason for serialization is to enforce systematic traceability, so ensuring patient safety, while also ensuring greater visibility from a logistics perspective. To help automate these serialization processes in SAP environments, SAP offers Advanced Track & Trace for Pharmaceuticals (ATTP), which provides a corporate serialization repository, serial number management, and regulatory reporting capabilities. The accelerator is a package that simplifies the implementation of complex integrated serialization processes in a warehouse, which can be based on SAP S/4HANA EWM or SAP WM.
18 Sep


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