21 Sep

Business and technology trends in Manufacturing

Explore the evolving manufacturing industry, including trends, digital transformations fueled by COVID-19, and the shift towards outcome-based business models. Join our experts, Marc Kreutzenbeck and Ricardo […]
14 Sep

Rise with SAP

We invite you to watch the video of Mario Daban, Director SAP Strategy, in which he explains Intelligent Enterprise. In the video, Mario will share the […]
07 Sep

Top opportunities in the travel and transport industry that emerging technologies are enabling

What does the future hold for Hospitality, Travel, Leisure – Transportation & Logistics (HTL-TL)? These interconnected industries serving consumers and commercial entities in the areas of […]
31 Ago

How data is shaping the future of the energy industry as the demand to tackle the climate crisis intensifies

While all industries are in a constant state of change, the energy sector faces the greatest dilemma in its history as it strives to meet demand […]
24 Ago

Human Experience

We invite you to watch the video of Jan Ammann, Global Head of the SAP Alliance Life Science, in which he explains global employee experience management.
27 Jul

Data driven organization by Shinya Yamamoto, SAP Analytics Lead

We invite you to watch the video of Shinya Yamamoto, SAP Analytics Lead, in which he explains Data Driven organization. In the video, Shinya will share […]
20 Jul

Episode 3 : Business and technology trends in CPG

It is about the landscape of the consumer packaged goods industry. Join our experts, David Tapia and Ricardo Langa, as they discuss strategies for maintaining efficiency and balance in this dynamic sector.
13 Jul

The current challenges of life science companies and how the industry is reinventing itself to innovate health care provision

What’s next for the pharmaceutical industry, known for its groundbreaking developments? The golden age of blockbuster drugs is ending as a new era of personalized treatment that leverages cutting-edge technology is ushered in. The reinvention will include DNA customization, at-home devices, smart manufacturing and full digitalization. Although, such a change doesn’t come without its challenges.
06 Jul

How technology is revolutionising the automotive manufacturing industry

Cars have been around for more than a century, and while they look very different now from the early days of the industry, fundamentally an automobile […]