23 May

Harness the power of your data with Azure Explore Zone for SAP accelerator

Harness the power of your data with Azure Explore Zone for SAP accelerator: As digital transformation specialists and SAP partners, NTT DATA has a wealth of experience in the implementation of both SAP ERP and Azure Modern Data Platforms. This unique positioning makes us perfectly suited to support enterprises in overcoming the key challenges that appear in this platform pairing and in the utilization of both platforms to drive business growth. Read Dimitri's Zarganakis take on this:
23 May

The Path Ahead: Enhancing Your Business by Incorporating Emerging Technologies

Stay Ahead in Sustainability! Check out our latest post were we will discuss the impacts and potentialities of next-generation and disruptive technologies in three distinct domains relevant to innovative enterprises: sustainability, e-commerce and business infrastructure.
09 May

HXM use case

In this episode of the NTT DATA SAP podcast, George Jacob, leader of the SAP Human Experience Management practice in the US, presents a fascinating use […]
25 Abr

NTT DATA’s Evolution to an Asset-based Business

At NTT DATA, we offer a growing range of assets, which includes our own specialized business software products, methodologies, best practices and reusable templates, to help us deliver more business value to our customers by reducing costs and time to market. Learn more about our it:
18 Abr
podcast ai

SAP Trends Podcast – AI use case

In this episode of the NTT DATA SAP podcast, host Ricardo Langa introduces experts Hector Montalban and Adrian Kostrz, leaders of the AI practice in NTT […]
04 Abr
AI in Human Experience Management

The Many Uses of AI in Human Experience Management

The convergence of artificial intelligence (AI), generative (GenAI), and machine learning (ML) is transforming corporate human experience management (HXM) practices. From streamlining recruitment procedures to improving employee development and predicting workforce trends, these technologies are ushering in a new era in which AI technologies grow to become an indispensable ally in the HR department. Read more about it here:
11 Ene
podcast automotive

Episode 1: Automotive

Today we were joined by Vadim Zimberg, NTT DATA Global SAP Automotive Offering Lead, and Ricardo Langa, NTT DATA SAP Global Co-lead for the LEAP Program for an in-depth conversation about how technology is revolutionizing the automotive industry and what car producers should be prioritizing to survive these challenging times. Join us for our next episode of the NTT DATA Industry Trends SAP Podcast series where we will dive into the main trends of the life science industry and how sustainability and business automation are key in the future of the sector.
04 Ene
Sustainability management

Sustainability management, by Thibaut Tixier

We invite you to watch the video of Thibaut Tixier, Thibaut Tixier, Sustainability Analytics Manager, EMEAL, investigates Sustainability Management. In the video, Thibaut will share the […]
28 Dic
trends to look out for

CPG trends to look out for

Over the past few years, the CPG sector has undergone some changes, shifting its focus towards improving the bottom line. This is mainly through brand recognition, loyalty, and omnichannel strategies, while keeping a focus on efficiency. Check out the 4 key lastest trends in the CPG sector.