11 Ene
podcast automotive

Episode 1: Automotive

Today we were joined by Vadim Zimberg, NTT DATA Global SAP Automotive Offering Lead, and Ricardo Langa, NTT DATA SAP Global Co-lead for the LEAP Program for an in-depth conversation about how technology is revolutionizing the automotive industry and what car producers should be prioritizing to survive these challenging times. Join us for our next episode of the NTT DATA Industry Trends SAP Podcast series where we will dive into the main trends of the life science industry and how sustainability and business automation are key in the future of the sector.
04 Ene
Sustainability management

Sustainability management, by Thibaut Tixier

We invite you to watch the video of Thibaut Tixier, Thibaut Tixier, Sustainability Analytics Manager, EMEAL, investigates Sustainability Management. In the video, Thibaut will share the […]
28 Dic
trends to look out for

CPG trends to look out for

Over the past few years, the CPG sector has undergone some changes, shifting its focus towards improving the bottom line. This is mainly through brand recognition, loyalty, and omnichannel strategies, while keeping a focus on efficiency. Check out the 4 key lastest trends in the CPG sector.
21 Dic

Qualtrics by Sandra Valtierra, Customer Engagement Manager

We invite you to watch the video of Sandra Valtierra, Customer Engagement Manager, in which she explains Qualtrics. In the video, Sandra will share the current […]
14 Dic
AI Built for business

AI Built for business

In this podcast Ricardo Langa discusses the fascinating topic of artificial intelligence (AI) with Thomas Nørmark and Adil Mohammad, leaders of the AI practice at NTT DATA. They discuss the impact on SAP users and consultants, envisioning a future where conversational interfaces redefine user interactions, and generative AI automates complex tasks, allowing humans to focus on creative work. Just hit “play” to hear a fascinating exploration of AI's present and future uses with a particular focus on the SAP world.
14 Dic
Business and technology trends in S4HANA

Episode 7 : Business and technology trends in S/4HANA

We delve into how SAP, a renowned leader in business applications and software, empowers companies to become Intelligent Enterprises. Join our experts, Reymund Lips and Ricardo Langa, as they explore the essential elements that define an Intelligent Enterprise and discuss the transformative capabilities offered by SAP technology.
07 Dic

What is process mining and how does it increase productivity and business outcomes

According to a study made by NTT DATA, more than $200 billion are lost every year at a global level due to process inefficiencies. Inefficiencies are […]
30 Nov
Improving supply chain resilience with SAP’s technologically advanced solutions

Improving supply chain resilience with SAP’s technologically advanced solutions

Only 6% of companies report full visibility of their supply chain despite transparency being needed for operational excellence. In a time of increased disruption across the […]
23 Nov
Business and technology trends in Travel and Transportation

Episode 6 : Business and technology trends in Travel and Transportation

Explore the key trends shaping the travel and transport industry. Join our experts, Pedro Mur and Ricardo Langa, as they delve into strategies for improving the digitalization of operations and creating smarter, connected ecosystems within the industry.
16 Nov

Transitioning to smart Application Management Services that turn your IT department into a valuable asset

While IT departments have generally offered a wide variety of services inside a company, due to recent technological advancements, shift to prioritizing innovation and digitalization, and […]