Large Enterprise Acceleration Program


Large Enterprise Acceleration Program (LEAP) is a long-term global initiative that will transform the way NTT DATA engages with its largest SAP customers and create new revenue generating engagements now and far into the future.

Large Enterprise Acceleration Program (LEAP) is all about business transformation, so the focus is on projects and initiatives that look to the future.


SAP --

SAP remains not just relevant but essential to its enterprise customers and its revenues continue to grow, becoming the one-stop shop for software that tomorrow’s enterprises will use not just to run their business processes, but for business transformation and to accelerate innovation.

SAP is mostly known for its ERP solutions, but it also has expanded its focus to adapt to a world in which human talent and algorithms rather than machines and physical assets bring competitive advantage with a growing range of cloud based LOB products. SAP also extracts value and insights from business data with disruptive technologies like analytics, IoT, AR and VR, blockchain, and AI.

SAP offers end-to-end services, delivered from a fully cloud-based infrastructure, that deepen integration in the value chains of vertical industries and expand across the enterprise with its horizontal applications.


NTT DATA is a formidable force in SAP services with more than 20,000 SAP professionals, 2,700 SAP clients worldwide, 21 delivery centers and operations in 41 countries. Achieving the highest accolade by SAP, Global Strategic Partner, which recognizes its ability to offer a wide range of best-in-class business consulting and solution implementation services in support of SAP technology.

A key part of the Large Enterprise Acceleration Program (LEAP) initiative focuses on developing global offerings that can be adopted by confidence by Fortune Global 500 companies. With an in-depth industry knowledge in the selected targeted verticals (Discrete Manufacturing, Auto and Life Science), our solutions need to leverage our business-specific expertise and skillsets in SAP technologies but also in other digital technologies, such as AI and IoT, for example.



The stable picture where drivers will buy what they are offered is being transformed, and the shock of change will be all the greater because transformation is happening at extraordinary speed and is impacting every aspect of car design, ownership, usage and maintenance.

After decades in which really very little changed (except for those desirable new features and style makeovers that look important but really are not), everything is changing, and predicting who will win and lose from a period of unprecedented turmoil in the market will not be easy.


We are creating new realities in manufacturing, as we move from Basic Automation (repetitive tasks), to Cognitive Automation, in which Artificial Intelligence (AI) informs and supports human activity, automating a large number of decisions and interventions.

Ahead of us lies the ultimate stage in manufacturing transformation: Hyper Automation, in which distributed AI creates an interdependent network for decision-making at all levels and all stages of the value chain.

This is the direction of travel being taken by every forward-thinking and forward-looking manufacturer.


The industry has moved on from a past “golden age” dominated by blockbuster drugs. The pharmaceutical industry has reinvented itself with biological medicines and has reduced healthcare costs for society with generics and biosimilars, but at the same time it has taken giant steps inpersonalized medicine and genomics.

COVID-19 has driven the development in record time of new platforms (T-Cells) and technologies such as mRNA anticipating 10-15 year of innovation in the sector. The challenge for this industry is to complete digitization, pervasively use advanced data analysis tools and collaborate on a holistic approach to the provision of health care.

NTT DATA has the business insights, technological expertise and industry knowledge to help companies on their journey to a very different future.


Most of CPG companies were focused on integration and standardization of their core processes normally implemented by an ERP solution. The need of CPG companies for digitalizing their operations and supply chains is gaining importance through the sector.

The model of this type of companies has evolved from major transformation activities to single solution programmes due to the changing market forcing CPG companies to have the flexibility and the agility to respond fast and cover all potential factors.

NTT DATA is already working in the implementation of new models for some of the largest brands in the world driving the transformation with an holistic end to end approach thanks to our global scope, our SAP experts, and our strong knowledge of the industry.



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